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About Us Li Long Wood Industry Co., Ltd is located in the beautiful Xishuangbanna, founded in October 14, 2011. Covers an area of 100 mu, the registered capital of ten million; there are 8 sales offices, 11 departments, the existing staff of more than 350 people; 2 factories, all kinds of exhibition 15. Is a collection development, research, production, sales, logistics as one of the large mahogany furniture enterprises. The com...

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Company: Xishuangbanna Li Long Wood Industry Co. LTD.

Contact: Sales Specialist

Tel: 0691-2716666

Phone: 0691-2716666

E-mail: 2281075135@qq.com

Address: Yunnan province Jinghong City International Airport to Xishuangbanna GASA town direction

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